Syria key to defeating Obama in 2012

Syria will be the key to beating Obama in 2012. What? What is Syria? Most Americans may not be familiar with this tiny Middle Eastern country, but Syria is a major player in the Middle East and Obama’s blunder on Syria will be his downfall.

Syria is home to 22 million inhabitants. For thousands of years, Christians, Muslims, Kurds, Druze, Jews, Alawites, Shites, Sharkasys, Armenians, and a multitude of people from various backgrounds and religions have lived together happily and cooperatively. Syria borders Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, and Israel. Syria is crucial to the peace in that region, as well as the flow of oil to Europe and other allies.

Syria supports Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah. All of which are terrorist organizations that are sworn enemies of the United States and Israel. Syria has allowed terrorists to cross into Iraq to kill American troops. Hamas’ headquarters is in downtown Damascus, the capital of Syria.

Syria’s ruling regime has worked to destabilize peace talks on countless occasions. Syria makes no apologies. Syria’s dictator told the Wall Street Journal in January 2011 that Syrians won’t protest because he stands against the US and Israel. Apparently, Syrians are smarter than that and are more aware of the poverty, humiliation, indignation, and lack of freedom. It doesn’t seem that they follow nor care for the president’s view on Israel or the United States.

Syria has a 50 year history of torture, rape, massacre, terrorism, despotism, and murder. What happens in Syria’s prisons, police stations, and detention centers is unthinkable. Electrocution, genital mutilation, beatings till death, urination on detainees, rape, sub-animal living conditions, food soaked in urine, and other forms of extreme abuse. This happens to men and women. Read one account.

Syria matters to Americans. Syria is Iran’s only friend in the Middle East. Both Syria and Iran terrorize US citizens and threaten Israel consistently. Both support Hezbollah and Hamas. Need we say more? A huge power struggle is happening in the Middle East between US friendly states like Saudi and Egypt and anti-American states like Iran and Syria. If Syria falls, Iran will too.

Back to Barack!

Barack Obama’s foreign policy is inconsistent and very difficult to understand. First he tells Egypt’s president that he must go, then gives Syria’s president all the time in the world to massacre his people. Egypt’s president Mubarak is a long time partner and friend of the United States and Israel. While Syria’s Assad is a sworn enemy of the United States and Israel. Does this make any sense?

Obama bombed Libya’s Kadaffi for threatening to massacre his own people, and then sits by and watches Syria’s Assad actually massacre his own people. Once again, a very confusing, immoral, and hypocritical world view. People aren’t dumb. They see this hypocritical world view and policy.

If we are to beat Obama in 2012, we should focus on his foreign policy ineptitude and confusing policies. You either stand for freedom and democracy or you don’t. Giving mixed signals or waiting for a clear winner is immoral and weak. We can’t “lead from behind”. This is not what leaders do. We need to stand with the people fighting for freedom and democracy while they are still alive.

Elliot Abrams, one of George W. Bush’s national security advisors tried to explain Obama’s confusing Syria policy by offering possible reasons why Obama’s administration has been slow to react. And reacting incorrectly.

First Abrams argues that the Obama administration may just be completely incompetent. We disagree, slightly. There has to be more to the story. There are competent and very intelligent people running the administration. We feel that they are waiting until a clear winner emerges, then they will side with the winner. That is weak and despicable. Leaders don’t sit around and wait. They affect positive change. Obama needs to send a clear message to all people in the world that we support freedom and democracy for all! No exceptions! We have nothing invested in Assad and his thuggish regime. Why help them buy time?

Abrams then argues that perhaps the Obama administration thinks that Assad can lead reform and change his ways. He has had 11 years to reform and hasn’t done anything except worsen his country. Now he is committing crimes against humanity and mass murdering thousands of people. President Clinton said recently in an interview that his only regret was that we didn’t act soon enough in Rwanda to prevent genocide. Eight hundred thousand people died. Does this need to happen in Syria? Leadership is genuine and effective. Not lackadaisical and reactive.

Abrams then wonders if the Obama administration just can’t admit mistakes. We are not sure that this is the case. If you screwed up, fix it. You can’t sit idly by and watch people die not willing to admit a mistake. The problem is that people are dying in Syria every day. We have a chance to eliminate a sworn enemy. Why not jump on this opportunity? Why wait till more people die or the revolution movement is crushed? As an aside, we don’t think this revolution will be crushed, too many lives have been lost and too much is at stake.

Abrams also wonders if Obama may still be trying to engage and woo Syria’s Assad to the “good side”. If this is actually true, Obama is seriously incompetent and deserves even more criticism. After tons of meetings with Iran and Syria, we haven’t gotten anywhere. These people can not be wooed to our side. They hate us and use that to oppress their own people.

Republican candidates can take advantage of this debacle in the Middle East.

Republican presidential candidates need to say they support the freedom fighters and demonstrators on the streets in Syria. Senator John McCain went to Ben Ghazi, Libya and showed tremendous support to the Libyan people. A similar effect will take place in Syria when they see US elected officials and presidential candidates supporting them.

We need to be on the side of freedom and democracy at all costs. We can not continue to support “the devil we know”. We can not continue to favor “stability over freedom”. When people are free to think on their own, they make better more calculated decisions. The youth movement in the Middle East is very intelligent and highly educated. They aren’t going to make bad decisions. They fought hard for freedom. They aren’t going to let it go. We have to trust people.

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