Trump campaign should have reached out to us

The Trump campaign team was in dire need of Muslim Republicans, and we could have helped. We’ve been around longer than any of the newer upstarts and have been helping candidates woo Muslim voters since Ronald Reagan.

There may have been a dearth of information online about Muslim Republicans, but if you searched Twitter, Facebook, Google, we would have turned up right away and would have been more than happy to help.

We could have put a “very American” face in front of Republican voters and in front of Muslim Americans who are considering voting for Trump. Mr. Sajid Tarar, of Muslims for Trump, did a fine job, but it was clear that he had a heavy Indian accent and didn’t really speak to the American people. And he didn’t speak to young professional Muslims who care about taxes, care about security, and care about reform. No disrespect meant o Mr. Tarar, he did an excellent job, we could have just done much better.

While most first and second generation American Muslims have been voting Democrat, there is a huge new demographic of young urban professional Muslims who lean Republican, but are afraid to say it out loud. They want fiscal responsibility, tighter borders, lower taxes, less government, and changes in healthcare. These 20-40 year old American Muslims lean Republican, and there is an estimated 2.5 million of them, mostly in swing states.

We aren’t bitter. That’s not the right attitude. We view the GOP and conservatism as a second religion. We want the GOP and RNC to win. This election is going to be very close. You need awesome young Muslims in your campaign to help you reach out to people and get other Muslims to vote.

There are about 10 million Muslims living in the United States. Nearly 78% of them vote. Approximately, 35% will vote Republican no matter what. There is another 40% that may swing either way. The other 35% nearly always votes Democrat. And these Muslims live in swing states; Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Virginia, and other states. You need these votes.

Historically, Muslim voters have voted Republican. Back in 2000, when George W. Bush ran against Al Gore, 79% of America’s Muslims voted Republican. That trend and number has been dwindling since then, but it can recover with a few nicely placed key phrases and words. George W. Bush said one sentence in the presidential debates, and that meant all the world to Muslim voters and he won them over. He won Florida with 60,000 Muslims voting for him where the margin was about 350 votes. He won Ohio with about 150,000 Muslims voting for him. Both states have Muslim voters now that are nearly double in size. There are 150,000 Muslims in Florida, and about 250,000 in Ohio.

What can Muslim Republicans provide? We are very American. We’ve been around forever. We were around before “Muslims for Bush” started. We weren’t started yesterday. We have experience, gravitas, and speak English with no accent and can deliver speeches more powerful than Reagan, Clinton, and Obama. We’ve been giving speeches all around the US, and our record stands for itself.

We also offer consulting services to campaign managers and politicians to help you woo Muslim and minority voters. Please use our services and don’t just try to wing it.

We could have put a very human and a very “American” face on Trump’s Muslim supporters. And we would have helped get the word out there. We need disenfranchised Muslim voters to know that there are other Muslims like you that will vote Republican too!

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