Trump train rolls on

The Trump train continues to move forward and gain momentum. It’s only February and we are seeing a huge gap developing between Trump and his rivals. He’s definitely setting himself apart from the competition by being more brash, more aggressive, and louder than everyone else.

Interestingly, because of how entertaining, exciting, or ridiculous he is, he is getting plenty of free air time and not having to spend any money on advertising. This will definitely cripple his competitors.

The Trump campaign has been able to connect with people in a very new and different way, defying most odds and upturning most political norms. The other candidates are left scratching their heads wondering just how this guy keeps beating them.

We sense a huge “anti establishment” sentiment from Republican and Democratic voters this year with the rise of Trump and Bernie. Especially, among young, disenfranchised voters and the middle class. It will be interesting to see if the establishment gives the nominations to these two most unexpected nominees that are garnering huge crowds and huge turn outs.

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