Bernie, Trump, and Hillary

With Trump running away with the Republican primary, we can assume he will be the official nominee, despite lukewarm acceptance from the establishment.

The Democratic primary has become quite interesting. Bernie Sanders started out as a straw man to put up for Hillary to beat, but he’s actually carrying the day. His rallies are heavily attended, he has a huge populist following, and is motivating young people.

Bernie, like Trump, has been able to position himself as the Washington outsider. While Hillary is working behind the scenes to try and derail Bernie’s campaign. She hasn’t been able to shake him just yet.

Both Trump and Sanders have immense populist appeal due to their anti-establishment views and platforms. It looks like the race will ultimately come down to these two, unless Hillary’s people can snub Sanders or cut a deal with him and get him out of the race. If she does that, she will likely lose in November because too many voters will feel like they were robbed. She risks alienating her base and all these new young voters that are inspired by Bernie.

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