Obama’s deadly miscalculation on Syria

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just returned from a whirlwind tour of the Middle East telling people of the Gulf (Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates) that the United States stands firmly with them and that we have a long history of supporting one another. She forgot to mention that we really enjoy consuming their oil and wouldn’t want that to change anytime soon. Sure, the United States doesn’t get much oil from the Middle East (about 12%), but we get it on the cheap. We support them diplomatically and with advanced weapons and weapon systems, and we get some cheap oil in return. But that’s not all she said!

What wasn’t mentioned was that she was trying to convince the Saudis to not arm the Free Syrian Army. A very important part of her mission was to try and convince the Saudis to hold off on supporting Syria’s Freedom Fighters. Obama and Clinton have severely miscalculated on this issue and will compromise our future credibility for the next fifty years. The Middle East is undergoing some unbelievable and rapid changes, and the United States can’t afford being on the wrong side and screwing this up. The Middle East will be changed for the next 50 years, we can’t be left looking confused, and especially not looking way wrong!

Assad is done

Anyone who lives in Syria, has family in Syria, and or has studied Syria has come to the realization that Assad’s rule in Syria is finished. The last few scenes are playing out in a story whose conclusion is well known. There is no doubt that Assad will be gone. The only questions that remain are when and how. There isn’t a single Middle East or US based expert that thinks otherwise. Obama needs to understand this.

Obama is wrong

It isn’t clear why the Obama administration is backing off of Assad, but it’s clear that they are running around the world trying to convince others to back off as well. Kuwaitis, Libyans, Saudis, Qataris, and Emiratis have all stated that they are going to dump tons of money and send weapons to the Free Syrian Army in order to oust Assad. They never liked Assad to begin with. After all, he supports Iran and Hezbollah, and Saudi wants to be the regional super power. They will do anything they can to hurt Iran, and will do whatever it takes to remove Assad. Even if they exchange platitudes with Hillary and Obama and pretend to be going along with Obama’s plan.

Kuwaitis, Saudis, and Libyans have already been flooding Syria’s Free Army with weapons. Mostly small arms; automatic rifles, rocket launchers, handguns, grenades, etc. They aren’t going to stop because Obama thinks it’s a good idea. It’s too late for that. They have decided that killing over 12,000 civilians in the name of remaining in power is too much and reflects poorly on the reputation of that region. Hundreds of interviews, YouTube videos, Skype discussions, articles, and eye witness accounts confirm that weapons are flooding in through Lebanon, Turkey, and Iraq. It’s already happening. It just isn’t on the scale that Saudi wants. They want to send in bigger and better weapons and have already talked to the Jordanians to allow them to cross through Jordan and get those weapons into Syria. They paid Jordan huge subsidies and are helping buoy Jordan’s economy at this time of economic depression due to the lack of imports and exports to Syria.

Obama looks foolish

To send the United States Secretary of State on a mission which is doomed to fail before it even got started, is a serious miscalculation. Rather than going to convince the Saudis of not arming Syria’s Freedom Fighters, they should have gone with an open mind and discussed the Saudis concerns. Perhaps, the Saudis know more than us in that region (imagine that), and can help us figure out the situation. Trying to impose unrealistic, impractical, and unpalatable solutions to a tragic situation is a foreign policy disaster. And Obama will pay the price. But the United States will pay the price more. People aren’t going to like us (or even be just neutral towards us) if we keep supporting a dictator that is killing, raping, and torturing women and children. That is an unfathomable stance and is indefensible.

Obama supporting Terrorism

President Obama is essentially supporting terrorism. Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas all support Assad. They form a strong love triangle. So much so, that Hezbollah and Iran have sent in fighters to help murder the Syrian people. Elite forces, snipers, tank operators, and technology to help Assad kill his own people. It’s absolutely insane that Obama stands with Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas on anything, let alone on the wrong side of a humanitarian crisis. Obama is essentially supporting the murder, rape, and torture of the Syrian people. This is embarrassing and unfortunate.

Ousting Obama

Every American should be working very hard to elect “anyone but Obama” this year. He is wrong on so many different issues, and is making a mockery of our foreign policy. Supporting Syria’s dictator is perhaps the most egregious miscalculation he has made thus far, and he should pay for it. His decision is setting the United States back another 50 years. After quickly standing with the people of Egypt and Libya against their ruthless dictators, he is on the wrong side of Syria. History will not remember him well. And the United States will pay dearly for not supporting freedom and democracy everywhere.

NOBama this year!

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